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“He’s my shy guy, the sensitive one. I rescued him from a farm where they were trying to breed them and didn’t know what they were doing. He was in a kennel in a garage all day. When I got there he was in in his own filth and had been isolated from his mom. It was a pretty traumatic environment for him. He has really bad separation anxiety and he’s been bonded to me because I got him at 7 weeks. He takes anti-anxiety medication every day.


He bonded to me pretty quickly because he had been isolated so long, but he struggled with really major, major anxiety for the first year of his life. In the car, he would pace and scream. It was really traumatic. I tried to kennel train him and it was a nightmare. I was living in an apartment at that time so my neighbors thought I was abandoning him or something. I work for a vet hospital, so I take him to work with me too. Now he’s finally reached an age where he knows if he’s in my room, he’s good.

He’ll eat whatever, but he’s a texture dude. He doesn’t like bananas. He doesn’t like kiwi, he won’t eat yogurt. My other dogs love bananas, but he spits it right out.”


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