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“He’s a year and 10 months. I got him from a farm where I was working security. His owner was beating him and kept him in a small cage out in the cold, no blankets, nothing. He was digging his way out every night while I was doing rounds, so I got attached to him.


The first time I took him to my room, he didn’t know what to do. He had never even seen a bed before. Now I’ve had him for a year and two months and he’s a cuddle bug. He loves everything.


We’ve been indoors, outdoors, traveling. He goes everywhere with me, he’s with me 24 hours a day. He’s my soulmate.


Somebody asked me if they could have him. I said no. First of all, he’s not my dog, he’s my kid. I don’t treat him like a pet. Plus he protects me. He’s not my pet.


He’s just fantastic.”


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