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I was wary about getting a bulldog because of the health issues they’re prone to, but my husband always wanted a bulldog. He did some searching and came across a litter of 11-week old puppies that were a mix of English and Olde English bulldog. Funny enough, we were actually there to see Winston’s brother, Chubs, but Winston had other plans.

We met Chubs first and I was sitting with him in my lap when Winston came running into the room and literally pushed Chubs out of my lap. He took his place and started giving me kisses galore. He didn’t leave our side while we were there and followed us to the door as we left. I told my husband that we were not leaving with a puppy and we didn’t, but we couldn’t stop thinking about him… and brought him home the next morning.

Winston is not your typical bulldog. He’s a bundle of energy as long as it isn’t raining. My sister has dubbed him “the bulldog that goes to the gym.”

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